We can produce between 70 denier and 450 denier with a variety flaments dull ,semi dull and dope dyed with differents colours and quantity .
%100 polyester draw texturizing yarn used are upholstery fabric , textile ,narrow weaving ,circular knitting ,lyrca clothes and traditional rugs industry due to its softness ,brightness and strenght .

Textured Polyester Yarn :
Our company continues produce textured yarn, which has a production capacity 250 tons per month, with unlimited colors from 600denier to 3000 denier in single, double and melange 100% Polyester yarn is used are especially in carpet weaving industry as carpet pile yarn and warp yarn.
100% polyester yarn like natural fibers:
We produce 100% polyester textured yarn between 450denier and 2400 denier in dull ,semi dull , super bright polyester . Our yarn is softness ,breathable ,wool and cotton especially in respect of the natural fibers like ; their popular in knitting, clothing, home textiles, upholstery fabrics and the automobile industry.

Chenille Yarn

Our production capacity is 170 tons per month; We produce acrylic chenille, polyester chenille, viscose chenille, cotton chenille and blended chenille yarns. Our production continues unlimited color range and between 1 nm and 10 nm

Dyeing Facility

We are able to dye yarn from 100 kg to 2000 kg depending on the needs customers with modern dyeing machine and equipments ( Bellini, Thies , Sener and Sholl ) in our own factory.

Machine Production

As Berrteks Machine we produce of fully automatic winding machine and semi- automatic machines which is carpet manufacturers needs . Especially in recent years with the new investments he has made, we continues to mass by making a fully automatic winding machine.İts production continues by producing knotter acrylic yarn splicing and adhesive polypropylene yarn splicing machines .

BERRTEKS Textile Machinery. Co. Ltd. it has been 50 years experience with business . İt has started to manufacturer textile machines in 1989 and chenille yarn production in 2000 Gaziantep. İt has become a company sought in the textile market by improving its product range over time