BERRTEKS Textile Machinery. Co. Ltd. it has been 50 years experience with business . İt has started to manufacturer textile machines in 1989 and chenille yarn production in 2000 Gaziantep. İt has become a company sought in the textile market by improving its product range over time

Berrteks has started to produce polyester textured yarn in 2013, taking into consideration the technological developments and customer needs as textiles. It has its own dyeing unit (Bellini, Thies, Şener and Sholl) in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone with its covered 13000m2 closed area, 26.000m2 inland modern production facilities and machines (Pafa, Mispa, Oerlikon Barmag, Ssm etc.) with expert employees 170 tons chenille yarn, 550 tons Friction texturizing yarn and 250 tons air textured yarn (DTY, ATY). Berrteks, who has adopted the principle of keeping the quality of the front planet, Polyester air texturizing (ATY), Friction texturizing (DTY) Acrylic chenille, Polyester chenille, Cotton chenille, Micro chenille, Viscose chenille , blended chenille yarns in the desired color and number to the highest quality to customers.  Companies that can not keep up with change can not survive.İn Turkey and world to respond quickly evolving and changing demands that companies are constantly renewing its techonology , using the best quality raw materials ,dyeing chemicals, and having good relations with supplier companies that are in a business alliance. As a result of this; is an elite textile establishment that can provide high quality and fast service to changing customer demands. In the near future, it will expand production volume and expand its product range with new investments.

Berrteks Textile’s focus on the customer satisfaction, human health and environmentally sensitive understanding; dyeing chemicals, raw materials, packaging and natural resources in accordance with world standards. As products are processed in modern production facilities and they provide quality products and fast service opportunities, they are proud of being a pioneer in the textile sector with the responsibility they place in the branding.